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Ovearth Pvt Ltd — To Deliver a Better World!

THE BRAND - OVEARTH “Let’s Change The World, One Step At A Time.”

With our eyes on tomorrow, we are constantly working hard to achieve excellence in all our endeavors. This journey requires a collective effort to be achieved through a meeting of similarly driven individuals. We are not resting on our laurels; but are pushing the boundaries constantly to challenge ourselves.


At Ovearth Pvt Ltd, we believe that to change the world, you have to keep on achieving, constantly. This is why we have always been employing innovative techniques and methods to increase customer satisfaction and provide best services.


We have always believed in the value of higher standards. That’s why we set up high standards for ourselves. This way we make achievements and create some really high benchmark for others. We do not rest on the achievements of the past; we keep on moving forward.


Our biggest achievement is not just selling a project. It is reflected in the number of satisfied customers that we have had during these years. The smile on a customer’s face is our biggest reward.

If you are looking to buy or sell property, you should insist on dealing with a highly professional, reputable and well known company that can provide you with a wide range of options, as well as offer specialist advice.

If you are an investor seeking good return on your investment, then you should only consider a company with proven experience and substantial evidence that they are fully experienced in all areas of commercial/residential property sale and purchase. After all, your investment deserves the best of care so your return is maximized.

Working with us

Extensive Company Network

We are open to any cooperation with other companies! We can establish long-term and mutually beneficial relations and become reliable partners.

Sandeep Bansal Manager

I am fully satisfied with the work done by Ovearth, They delivered services of real estate on time as I wanted them to do.!!!

Vikas Khattar Accountant

Thank you so much! I also would like to appraise Ovearth for your support and help during the entire booking and document process.

Mahesh Kumar Manager

Thank you very much Ovearth team… I am happy and very satisfied with the real estate investment services.